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‘We won the lottery but couldn’t spend it in lockdown!’ – Midland jackpot winners

Millionaire couple Martin and Debbie Brandist had to put their spending on hold when lockdown was announced

  • 05:30, 19 SEP 2020

A couple who won £1m on the National Lottery have revealed how they couldn’t splash the cash – because of lockdown.

Martin and Debbie Brandist became instant millionaires after matching five main numbers and the bonus ball in a lucky dip.

Yet although they were able to paying off their mortgage and purchasing two cars, their spending had to stop when lockdown was announced in March.

They had planned to travel to America and the sun-drenched island of Lanzarote to purchase a dream holiday home – but their plans were dashed because of the Covid pandemic.

All luxury shopping trips were also shelved as the country went into lockdown.

The couple, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire had booked flights back in March to Lanzarote but were turned around at the airport gates as lockdown took hold.

They had to hold onto their cash until lockdown was lifted and finally flew out to Lanzarote yesterday (Friday) to sign papers for a beautiful duplex property just yards from the beach.

They won the lottery on September 18 last year and signed for the property exactly one year to the day of their win.

Dad-of-three Martin, 55, told BirminghamLive: “After the win we both got new cars. We booked holidays to America and Lanzarote but both were cancelled and obviously we couldn’t do anything due to lockdown.

“We were going to go in March but we were turned around at the gate. We had been looking at a property to buy. We signed on the 18th. Twelve months to the day that we won the prize.

“It was a dream of mine which I talked Debbie into. Always talked about it but never thought be able to achieve it. It has been the dream.

“The property is a duplex on two levels. Two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, three toilets. Nice balcony which is 150 yards from the beach in Puerto del Carmen.

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“We are going to go through two or three times a year then look to go and live out there. We have got to wait until Debbie’s youngest daughter leaves school. But it gives us the opportunity to go when we want. Family and friends can use it when we are not there.”

Martin quit his job as an NHS manager the day after he discovered he had won the lottery but Debbie, 49, has continued to work as a finance manager at Warwick Hospital.

Martin said he had been playing the National Lottery for 25 years with “the same numbers”, but it was a free lucky dip which bagged the couple their winnings.

He described how his wife danced around the bedroom “jigging about all over the place” after checking the winning numbers the morning after the draw.

He added: “In a daze, I dashed into the bedroom to ask Debbie to scan the ticket on her phone and unbelievably it came up with the same message, congratulating us.

“At that point I was just standing there in shock, my face went white and my mouth was wide open.”

Millionaire couple Martin and Debbie Brandist had to put their spending on hold when lockdown was announced ]]>