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The Lottery: Surprise Endings In Modern Day Short Story

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The Inhumane Tradition In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson gives the readers, an interpretation of something great is in the works for this small village. As per usual, the morning of June 27th, the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky; for today is the lottery, and for many of us in our current culture, we relate the lottery as an symbol of winning, hope, of financial relief, why would we think of it any other way? This lottery is a ruthless ritual since 1948, that the villagers only recognize it only by their own teachings of traditions, morals, and values, clearly no one in the village actually knows the reason why they continue this tradition. “Well, now.” Mr. Summers said soberly, “guess we better get started, get this over with, so ‘s(sic) we can go back to work.…

Comparison Of The Novel The Devil And Miss Prym And The Lottery

This philosophy is about how every good thing is accompanied with something bad. In The Devil and Miss Prym, it says “Even God has hell: his love for mankind” (Coehlo 63). Even something as pure, and righteous as God himself, can have a hell. The village of viscos loves their town so much that they’re willing to kill an innocent life just to save it. They believe that Berta is already so old, and she doesn’t have any family left so what they ‘re doing isn ‘t a sin.…

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Through the 12 lines this leaf is falling people are thinking about how crazy it is that this poem is so short yet takes up all of the lines that it does its chaotic and crazy. None of the people reading it understand it but it brings feelings that they have never experienced before reading a poem and it is because although it is so messy and seems to be as stable as a paper house it is beautiful and strong in some way. Finally the poem ends with loneliness and in most cases this would be seen as unpleasant but in this poem it is different. There is another definition that says “The quality of being unfrequented and remote; isolation”. The goal of the modernist period though was to be isolated, it was to be seperate and not like the other era’s to step away from the common.…

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Linda, Biff and Happy’s failure at properly bringing up the topic of Willy’s suicide is what gave Willy several chances at committing suicide. Willy’s false expectations for Biff are what built up and broke down his happiness. In addition, Biff’s insults towards Willy made Willy lose faith in his favored son. Although it may seem as if Willy’s suicide could have been prevented, they failed to consider the several mistakes that the Lomans made when it came to Willy’s suicide. The Loman family could not have prevented Willy’s suicide because Willy lost almost all hope in his family’s future.…

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So many people could not stop worrying about what is the world like after death, no matter what belief they are, Christian, Muslim, atheist or agnostic. Some of them believes that world brimming with happiness, some believes it suffuse suffering, also someone insist the world after death is unknown. However, most of people feel perplexed and lost about the life after death, even they already believe what is it will like. Nonetheless, Epicurus brings us a totally new theory and it is none like others, and he is not talking about the world after death anymore, because that is not exist. “So, where is his evidence?” The objector asked.…

The Lottery Symbolism

Readers will find out if Tess prevails against all odds, or if her luck has abandoned her in The Lottery. At the beginning of the story, it seems to be a happy day in the village. “The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day; the flowers…

Theme In Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery And The Destructor

The Lottery and The Destructors Vanda V. McCray Liberty University Online “The Lottery” and “The Destructor” begin by telling the setting of each story. The purpose of the setting is to set the time and place in the story. It also plays a major role in the success of the story. “The Lottery”-Shirley Jackson created a mood of happiness and peace at the beginning. For the readers, it created an image that it was just a regular warm summer day in a small town.…

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Summer is a great time because the weather is nice. Summer is a great time for the family to enjoy some trips. Like going to the beaches, playing outside with their family, going to picnics, and a lot of things to do during summer if we still have a long summer vacation. Summer is fun especially when it’s longer because you can have a longer time to spend with your family without thinking of any school works. The school year shouldn’t be change.…

The Elements Of Suspense In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

How are these people laughing and joking around knowing that soon someone will die by all of their hands? This probably portrays some events that were happening in the world when Shirley Jackson wrote this, and the reader now can relate this to modern day events. It is so easy to go on YouTube and watch crude videos of humanity hurting or killing one another. These videos have millions of views and people laugh or do not care much; because it is not happening to anyone, they care about. Just like in the story, these people are blood hungry, and once the deed is finished.…

Symbolism In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

The slips of paper in the end that float away in the wind are symbolic of how easy life can be taken from someone. Also there are so many colonies, like the village, that were predestined to fail from the start because of the tradition the leaders originally set. Those places could have made it if they would have just changed tradition. The reader can see that even Tessie does not regret the lottery. Even when Tessie is facing death she only pleads for a redraw not for the tradition to be removed.…

The Lottery: Surprise Endings In Modern Day Short Story Related Documents The Inhumane Tradition In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson The Lottery by Shirley Jackson gives the readers, an

The Extended Story Ending Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

Suspense is a writing style that challenges the expectations of the reader. In fiction, it creates tension for the reader […] the tension is between the known and the unknown. ( Klismith 2014.p.1) Mostly, the story unfolds to a great twist at the end that comes as a surprise to the reader even though some foreshadowing has been done. The Lottery is a short story by Shirley Jackson is a short story of this sort. It’s suspenseful end not only twists the general expectations of the reader but also serves as irony to the title of the story, The Lottery. Traditionally, the winner of any lottery gets gifts and bonuses that make them feel proud but, in The lottery, the winner tends to be an unlucky loser who is supposed to be stoned to death as a traditional practice by the villagers. This particular end, which causes internal conflict to the reader, opens up a range of ideas that may give a solution to the conflict. It replaces the pleasure of the unknown with the pleasures of security. (Baxter 2008.p.38)

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This extended story of The Lottery is a result of the reader’s attempt to explain the reason why the Lottery was so important to the villagers; why did the villagers follow the practice even after so many years? It tries to explain why they did not think to stop the tradition as the other people did; why did the villagers look forward to the next lottery day even though it resulted to the death of a villager? It also tries to bring in civilisation and reasoning as the people are governed by mob psychology.

Main body.
The townspeople did not forget about the told stories of Crazy Jane, the woman who did not stone her husband. It was said that she ran madly the same night and no medicine man could treat her. It was this same story that made Bill pick up five, hand-sized rocks and tossed it to his wife. He was afraid to become crazy as he still had three kids to raise. He then stood aloof and waited for the end. ” He seems to enjoy this!” He thought loudly.

“You too noticed that? ” asked Bill.Jr. He was just from hitting his mother with pebbles and he could not forgive himself.
“You don’t have to see this. Go take your sister and brother home. I will be there soon.” Bill said to his son. He had to stay back till the end where he would be allowed to carry his wife’s corpse for burial. Bill.Jr rushed to the mob and pulled Nancy and little Dave. They rushed home shocked but aware that their mom was no more.

“Weird how stoning her was no fun. The rush in our blood as we plunged the stones and watched the victims wrinkle in pain was not there anymore,” he said.
“That’s because we were stoning mum. Seeing her die has changed everything.” Nancy replied.
“I do not think that this tradition is useful anymore. The way Mr Summers looks forward to every Lottery is not normal,” he shouted feeling anger burning inside him.
“Mr Warner to has witnessed the lottery seventy-seven times and never has he been picked. I think the gods are not fair!” She said.

“It really isn’t fair!” Bill.Jr yelled, stood up and looked through the window. It was almost sundown and he was sure his father was carrying their dead mum to the borders of the village. He stormed out, leaving Nancy shouting behind him, “Where are you going to? We have to stay inside!” He did not answer her.

For once in his life, Bill.Jr doubted the lottery tradition. They said stoning a person signified cleansing of the village’s evil deeds, making the corpse unclean, therefore, had to be buried outside the village. Once the evil was cleansed, they would receive bountiful harvest but he did not believe that anymore. He needed answers and so, he headed to Mr Summer’s house.

Mr Summers had just arrived from the village square and was having his evening tea. He was all alone and so it was quiet.

” Hey, come on in.” Said Mr Summers when Bill.Jr knocked. “Am sorry about your mother. She was a nice person.” He added, letting him in. Bill.Jr clenched his hands in his pocket from rage and prevented himself from striking him.

“Why do you campaign for the lottery every year? You even want a new box to be made? What is it so important to you?” He shouted at him.
” It is our tradition, boy. You know that! ” he answered.
“The people have forgotten the old ways for they no longer know the real meaning of the lottery! You do not even remember the procedures! How do you know that the harvest we get is from the sacrifices?” He yelled, tears falling down his cheeks. He looked at him, waiting for answers. ” You do not understand.” Mr Summers said, sitting down. A half smile formed on his face.

” Good gracious!” Bill.Jr said, his eyes widening upon realisation. “You, like old Warner, do not care for the people because you have no family to lose.” He said plainly. Mr Summers sipped his tea loudly and said,
“When I was young, they took my father and my brother and since then, I did everything to appease the gods but they don’t care. They gave me a scold for a wife and no kids.”

“You want everyone to experience your pain!” he asked.
“Yes, The gods do not care if you set up scapegoats to carry your sins. The good harvest will always be there and I will always be here to campaign for the next lottery. He said standing up.” People love something to look forward to.” He paused. “Now you go home and mourn your mother and dare not tell anybody or else you will be next in line.” He threatened. Bill Jr ran out of his house swearing to tell his father.

Rationale Suspense is a writing style that challenges the expectations of the reader. In fiction, it creates tension for the reader […] the tension is between ]]>