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Lottery Tips and Tricks

Lottery is a game of chance rather then a game of skills. You may hardly use any lottery strategy to predict the winning numbers. However, here you may find tips provided by some lottery experts. As usual, hints are considered to be a controversial issue and you should study them with critical mind. But anyway, it is better to know as much as possible when you decide to embark on anything. Who knows, maybe one day these tips will help you pick up more winning lottery numbers or at least eliminate numbers or sets of numbers that are not likely to be drawn.

Note that this lottery tips and tricks can be used for most kinds of lottery all over the world: the USA’s Powerball, Canadian Lotto 6/49, Indian Rajshree Lottery, Kerala Lottery, Golden Lottery and Goa Sands Online Lottery, Taiwan Lottery etc.

1. Sums of Number Sets

The SUM of each of your sets of combinations to play can mean the difference between Winning and Losing. For example: Let’s say one of your sets of numbers to play was (3 7 12 23 31 37) which has a sum of 113. While the combination itself doesn’t look that bad, the sum is still just below the average sum of winning numbers that have been drawn. The average (SUM) for a Pick 6 Lotto Game is between 121-186. The average (SUM) for a Pick 5 game is between 63-116.

2. Odds and Evens

Another thing to keep in mind is not to play sets of numbers that are all Odd or all Even. Example: You should not play combinations like 3 17 21 37 41 53 – all Odd or 2 8 18 28 34 42 – all Even. While this may happen some time in the future the odds of it happening are quite slim. You want to get all the odds you can in your favor. So try to split up your sets of numbers with say (3) odd and (3) even or (2) even and (4) odd etc.

3. Consecutive Number Selections

As you make your selections it’s a good idea to include number selections that run consecutively. For instance let’s say you have chosen the numbers 15 25 and 37. You should also consider selecting a consecutive number either higher or lower as well. A very high percentage of winning selections will have (2) numbers drawn this way.

4. Neighboring Numbers

When you get ready to select your numbers, it’s always a good idea to have a list of the previous numbers drawn. Scan the drawings to see how the Neighbor numbers have been doing. For instance the numbers drawn for New York Lotto54 April 6, 1996 was 1-10-12-29-38-50-43 then on April 10, 1996 the numbers 14-16-30-31-46-53-13 were drawn. If you look at the drawing you will see that the numbers (12 & 29) were the key Neighbor numbers to the very next drawing. The next drawing came in with (13 14 30 31) that’s four numbers out of the seven numbers drawn.

5. Bad Consecutive Numbers

There are a few sets of numbers that you should not play as they a very slim chance of ever being drawn. Consecutive sets of numbers at the beginning and ending of your lotto game should not be played. Example: Your lotto game has (35) total numbers. Don’t play the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 or 31 32 33 34 35. Your lotto game has (5) total numbers. Don’t play the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 or 46 47 48 49 50 51. Each week people spend thousands of dollars on sets of numbers just like these.

6. Spread of the Numbers

Another point to remember is that most lotto games have a number range that extends beyond that of the calendar. If your lotto game has (49) total numbers and your not playing any numbers higher than (31) you may have to wait a very long time before your numbers come in. One way to overcome this problem is to start your number selection at the high end and slowly work down from there.

7. Numbers Database

As amazing as it may seem you Do Not Need hundreds of past drawing in order to pinpoint the winning lottery numbers. At the very most you could use (50) drawings but you can do very well by using (10) drawings. Most of the time the numbers to be drawn next will have already appeared in the last ten drawings. If you track the numbers you will probably find that a few of them have been drawn quite often. If you find a few numbers that have been Hot but have Not been drawn for a couple of drawings you should consider them.

8. Repeating Numbers

Repeating numbers are ones that seem to repeat themselves more frequently than any of the others. You should watch for numbers that have a history of repeating themselves after being drawn. Just by knowing this could mean the difference between cashing a ticket or throwing it into a recycle bin. Lets say the number (12) has a history of repeating itself after being drawn and that it was just drawn today. You might want to use it as a key number when you wheel your selections.

9. Quickdraw Lottery Tips

TIPS for QuickDraw the game you can play every five minutes. You select from (1 to 10) numbers. The most popular lottery play is for (3 to 4) numbers. You can make some serious money playing (6) numbers. As you know the game is pretty fast so you don’t have a lot of time to be writing the numbers down. Make yourself a chart using squares about 3/4 of an inch. Number them just like the QuickDraw board 1-10 in the first row 11-20 in the second and so on. Now that you have a tool to work with you can chart the games. The first drawing you chart call it (1) the second (2) the third (3) etc.

So if the numbers drawn in the first drawing were 12 15 23 34 35 41 43 46 56 57 58 65 66 67 71 72 74 76 78 79 each one of them would have a number (1) in the corner of each numbers square. Then the second drawings numbers were 10 11 12 23 24 25 36 38 39 43 44 55 56 57 66 67 71 72 73 74 each one of these would have a (2) in their corner. Then game number three is over and the numbers were 2 7 9 10 14 16 22 23 25 28 32 33 43 45 56 57 63 65 78 79 each one of these would have a (3) in their corner. After only three lottery drawings you will find that numbers are repeating and that certain numbers are always being drawn with these numbers. This is the pattern that you are looking for. Now find three lottery numbers that have been drawn over 40% of the time. Next find two other numbers that were drawn with these numbers at least twice. This will give you three sets of three lottery numbers to play. Then mix set1 with set2 and set2 with set3 and set1 with set3 and this will give you three sets of six numbers to play. You can play all these for a cost of $6 dollars a game. You should play them for at least five games in a row. If you have not broken even or made a profit after five games you must either stop or re-chart the games again.

10. Daily Numbers

The 3 & 4 Digit Daily Numbers usually run in short term TRENDS. If a number has not been drawn for ten lottery drawings, it is a Due number. Include the due numbers in your sets, and after you hit with this number, stay with it for at least three days. Another way to pick up a number for your three or four digit set is by selecting the one that is more apt to repeat. You have two ways that this can be done. One as above – to play the due lottery number that was just drawn to repeat. Use a number that has been drawn more frequently than any of the others. You can use the day of the month to help you in your number selections too.

If the day of the month is May 3rd, use a (3) for one of your numbers. If the day of the month is in the double digits use the last digit for your number set, for instance, if today was May 24th, you would use the (4) for your number set. As you know one digit usually repeats from the previous days drawing. To help pinpoint the second number find the number that is drawn most often for the day of the week that you are playing. For instance, in New York the (0) is drawn most often on Tuesdays and Fridays. The week of Feb 1-5 had lots of (7)’s drawn, the (4) was due and on Friday 2-5-99 the (470) was drawn and I had it straight.

Once you’ve made your selection of two or three lottery numbers, there are many ways to finish. You could wheel all the rest of the numbers with your selections. Or you could select the last number by the angles. Usually two or three of the numbers drawn will be at about a 45 degree angle from one of the first drawn ones. This angle could of course be up or down. On April 21, 1996 the numbers 915 and on April 22, 1996 436 was drawn. Notice on both of these the angle for the last number was upward. Also if you play the (Doubles) 00 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 either put them at the beginning or at the end. They hit around 40% of the time and usually appear like this (877 833 466) etc.

3-Digit Daily Numbers Matrix Sums Actual Numbers to Play: 27 999 26 899 25 799 889 24 699 789 888 23 599 689 788 779 22 499 589 679 688 778 21 399 489 579 588 669 678 777 20 299 389 479 488 569 578 668 677 19 199 289 379 388 469 478 559 568 577 667 18 099 189 279 288 369 378 459 468 477 558 567 666 17 089 179 188 269 278 359 368 377 449 458 467 557 566 16 079 088 169 178 259 268 277 349 358 367 448 457 466 556 15 069 078 159 168 177 249 258 267 339 348 357 366 447 456 555 14 059 068 077 149 158 167 239 248 257 266 338 347 356 446 455 13 049 058 067 139 148 157 166 229 238 247 256 337 346 355 445 12 039 048 057 066 129 138 147 156 228 237 246 255 336 345 444 11 029 038 047 056 119 128 137 146 155 227 236 245 335 344 10 019 028 037 046 055 118 127 136 145 226 235 244 334 9 009 018 027 036 045 117 126 135 144 225 234 333 8 008 017 026 035 044 116 125 134 224 233 7 007 016 025 034 115 124 133 223 6 006 015 024 033 114 123 222 5 005 014 023 113 122 4 004 013 022 112 3 003 012 111 2 002 011 1 001 0 000 Find the average **SUM** for your (3)-Digit Daily numbers game. Then just find that number under the SUMS heading. If you correct one of the combinations across from it will be the winning number. Example: The average sum of your game is (13). Then the best numbers to play are: 049 058 067 139 148 157 166 229 238 247 256 337 346 355 445. You could save a couple dollars by not playing the Doubles or Triples if they aren’t drawn very often in your game.

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7 Rajshree Lottery Tips You Need to Know

Like any other lottery, the Rajshree Lottery is also a game of chance.

Because luck is a fickle mistress, there is no fixed strategy to win this Indian lotto. Randomness rules the roost here.

But what if we could hack our way to the jackpot?

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Some math experts believe probability helps in cracking the code to winning. However, if that were the case, everyone would win and the lottery would lose its meaning. Moreover, the same probability maestros would hit the jackpot over and over again.

In reality, nothing of that sort happens. We see ordinary people winning extraordinary amounts of money, don’t we?

Nevertheless, there’s no harm in trying out a few tricks to increase your chances of winning. Here are the top 7 Rajshree Lottery tips every player needs to know.

Buy More Tickets

You cannot expect to win a crore by investing only a few hundred. Your chances of winning the lottery are slim if you purchase only a couple of tickets for each draw.

Buy more tickets so you don’t run out of luck. Of course, this does not mean you should spend recklessly. Buying 10 tickets with the same combination of numbers is not a good idea.

Play More, Play Often

According to the law of large numbers, if an event is repeated a large number of times, the average results from the trials would be close to the expected result.

In other words, if you repeatedly play the lottery, it should increase your possibilities of winning. Don’t get disheartened and sit back if you didn’t win after the first, second, or third attempt.

Check the Sum of your Number Set

The ideal sum for a 5 pick lottery ranges between 63 and 116. Always choose a combination of numbers which adds up to a figure in this range.

For instance, you might choose 1-6-10-13-28 as your lucky pick for a Rajshree lotto draw. The sum would be 58, which is way below the ideal range and might not lead to a win.

Never Choose Numbers that are all Odds or all Evens

To make sure the odds are in your favor, never pick numbers that are all odds or all evens.

For instance, a combination of 5-13-19-27-33 might be unfavorable even though it adds up to 97. This is because it excludes all other even numbers on the ticket.

Similarly, 4-10-24-30-42 isn’t a great combination either even though the total is 110 because the odd numbers have been left out.

For the best odds at winning the lottery, try to have a judicious mix of odd and even numbers.

Go Beyond Calendar Numbers

Most lotteries will have numbers that go beyond 31 – the last calendar number. If you are not picking numbers beyond this, you are not playing it right.

The reason is simple. If you settle for only the lower numbers, you are narrowing your chances of hitting the winning number which could be on the higher end. Start with the higher numbers and proceed to the lower numbers thereon.

Avoid Numbers which have Never Won

Did you know some numbers have never appeared as winning combinations in the history of lotto? Yes, combinations such as 1-2-3-4-5 or 31-32-33-34-35 have never brought any good news to any lotto player ever.

Avoid these combinations at all costs. Also, the Rajshree State Lotto runs from 00 to 99. Don’t end up choosing combinations such as 0-1-2-3-4 or 96-97-98-99. People waste money thinking these combos will fetch them the jackpot. The reality is otherwise.

Find the Numbers that have Previously Won

Which numbers won in the last 50 draws? Is there any number that has frequently registered a win? Is there a neighbor number that’s constant?

For instance, if number 8 and 10 have won in the last draws, 9 is a constant neighbor here. There are high chances of it appearing as the winning number in the next draws. Also, if the number 12 has won in more than 10 draws, maybe it could win for you, too. Focus on these nuances.

To Conclude…

Even in lotteries, the house will always have an edge. The bookies out there make calculated moves and don’t rely on luck to make money. You can try every trick in the book to win. However, for a lotto winner, it was probably written in the stars and nothing else.

For the uninitiated, the Rajshree Lottery is organized by the Government of Goa and drawn every 15 minutes. The numbers run from 00 through 99 where you need to pick any five. You win if any of these five numbers match the single winning number drawn in the end. This is why the odds of winning are always high and constant at 20 to 1.

The best thing about this lotto is anyone from any Indian state where lottery is legal can enter the draw. The Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for one ticket is ₹100. But you need to be 18 years or above to legally buy a ticket.

The lottery pays out prizes ranging from a few thousand to ₹1 crore, which is the jackpot. You can claim your prizes within 30 days from the results.

If you are looking for bigger jackpots, try your luck at international online lotteries instead.

Do you want to increase your chances of winning the Rajshree Lottery draw? Check out our detailed article where we’ve discussed every trick in the book. ✅ ]]>