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North Dakota Lottery
Phone: (701) 328-1574
Fax: (701) 328-1580
Population: 646,844
U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division
Director: Randy Miller
Year Lottery Founded: 2004
Gross Sales FY 2016: $35,624,903
Number of Employees: 7
Scratch Ticket: Do Not Offer Instant Games
On-line Vendor Contract: Scientific Games
March 2004 March 2014
Advertising KK BOLD
July 2012 June 2015
Retailers: 448
Games Offered: The North Dakota Lottery conducts five multistate games: POWERBALL®, MEGA MILLIONS®, HOT LOTTO®, WILD CARD 2® and 2by2®.
Beneficiaries: The breakdown of each $1Lottery ticket is:
Prizes $0.47
Contracted Services $0.10
Retailer Commissions $0.05
Administrative/Operating Expense $0.04
Marketing/Advertising Expenses $0.02
Problem Gambling fund $0.01 ($400,000 per biennium)
Prize Reserve Pools $0.02
State General Fund $0.29
Jurisdiction: The State of North Dakota.


In November 2002, North Dakota citizens approved a constitutional amendment that allows participation in multistate lottery games. The legislature passed a lottery bill that became law in April 2003, creating the North Dakota Lottery as a division of the Office of Attorney General. Unique among all U.S. lotteries, North Dakota is only able to offer multistate draw games. Instant tickets and North Dakota-only games are prohibited.
Ticket sales began with Powerball on March 25, 2004, and it was joined by Hot Lotto on June 24 and Wild Card 2 on September 23. The Lottery’s fourth game, 2by2, was added in February 2006. Mega Millions rounded out its current lineup when sales started in January 2010.
Without the ability to offer a variety of instant games, the North Dakota Lottery is much more subject to the luck of the draw than other lotteries – jackpot games are driven primarily by the size of the jackpot. That said, North Dakota has been creative in its use of promotions to help grow sales.
The Lottery is also one of the few in the country to offer subscription play via the Internet for the convenience of players. A subscription service was launched in November 2005, available through the Internet or by mail.
The North Dakota Lottery’s mission is to maximize net proceeds for the benefit of the state by promoting entertaining games, providing quality customer service to retailers and players, achieving the highest standards of integrity, security, and accountability, and maintaining public trust.
All Lottery proceeds are allocated to the state’s General Fund, with the exception of $50,000 per quarter that is transferred to the compulsive gambling prevention and treatment fund and $105,625 per quarter that is sent to the drug task force grant fund.

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Ndlottery org Want to know more than the headlines The World-Wide Lottery Guide is brought to you with the compliments of North Dakota Lottery Address: 1050 EAST INTERSTATE

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At Manfred Sternberg, we have the resources to navigate the lottery requirements of each state, helping you know exactly the procedures you should follow. ]]>