la grande vie loto

La grande vie loto

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To comply with the curfew that came into effect on January 9, lottery ticket sales have ceased between 7:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. Check out our COVID-19 FAQ for more information about ticket purchases and prize claims.


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Loto Quebec winner of a thousand dollars a day for life collects cheque for 7-million

Loto Quebec has finally made contact with a big lottery winner.

Marie Immacula Lafalaise of Lanaudiere, (center), showed up at Loto Quebec headquarters after winning the Grande Vie lottery jackpot.

She won a thousand dollars per day for life, but she’s opted for a lump sum payment of $7,000,000.

The vendor of the ticket, in St Jean sur Richelieu, will receive $70,000.

The winner picked up the cheque along with her family.

Loto Quebec has finally made contact with a big lottery winner. ]]>