how to play daily lotto online


Daily lotteries are an easy way to add a little extra fun to your day. Whether you like to play a little, or a lot, there’s no telling if your numbers will ever come up.

The Object of the Game

Daily games are draw-based lotteries that happen twice a day. Like weekly draws, the numbers you pick must match some of the numbers drawn.

Each daily game has its own way to play, but how you win remains essentially the same: the more numbers you match to the draw numbers, the more you win.

Breaking down a lottery ticket

Each daily lottery game comes with a ticket that acts like a receipt. Use it to check your numbers and see if you’ve won.

Ticket may not be exactly as shown.

A. The Game: This is where you can see which daily lottery game your ticket is for. Learn more about each game here.

B. Advance Play: See how many consecutive draws your ticket is valid for.

C. The Price: Where you’ll find the cost of your ticket.

Ticket may not be exactly as shown.

D. Draw Info: This section displays information related to your draws, this includes:

  • Play Style: Straight Play or Box Play (available only on PICK-3 and PICK-4 games)
  • Start Date: The date and time of your first draw (MIDDAY or EVENING)
  • End Date: The date and time of your last draw (MIDDAY or EVENING)
  • Your Bet: How much you have bet per draw (available only on DAILY KENO and PICK-3 games)
Ticket may not be exactly as shown.

E. The Line: This section displays your selected numbers. Pick them yourself or let the lottery terminal generate random numbers for you. If you play more than one line, or “board” as they appear on the lottery selection slips, you’ll see multiple lines on your ticket.

Ticket may not be exactly as shown.

F. Encore. This section of the ticket shows 2 things:
1) If you added Encore to your purchase, it will say, “Encore Played”.
2) Your separate set of Encore numbers for the Encore draw. Learn more about Encore here.

Ticket may not be exactly as shown.

G. Ticket number
H. Signature line: To claim a prize, you must sign your ticket
I. Barcode: To see if you won, scan the barcode on your ticket using the ticket checker at a participating retailer; ask the retailer to scan the barcode at a lottery terminal; or use the OLG Lottery App.

How to Play in 5 Easy Steps

Set a budget. Playing the lottery is gambling and part of keeping it fun is to play responsibly. Treat it like anything else you do for fun and set a budget. Then, stick to it.

Choose your daily lottery game. Pick from DAILY KENO, PICK-2, PICK-3 or PICK-4. Each one has two daily draws, which means you can play twice a day.

Pick your numbers. For each board, pick your numbers by marking the appropriate box. If you prefer, you can select Quick Pick and the computer will randomly select your numbers for you.

Check your numbers. Don’t miss out on the fun. Checking your numbers is quick and easy: you can do it at the retailer, online at, or using the OLG Lottery App.

Claim your prize. If you’re a winner, be sure to sign your ticket and claim your prize! Prizes expire 12 months from the draw date.

1. Set your budget

It’s fun to imagine all the things you could do following a big lottery win. And while it’s fun to play the lottery, it’s also a form of gambling. Treating it as part of your entertainment budget, like cash you’d spend on a movie or a magazine, ensures you don’t spend more than you can afford.

Figure out how much you want to spend in advance and set it aside. The lottery isn’t an investment that guarantees a return, so just enjoy it.

2. Choose your daily lottery game

There are four daily lottery games from which you can choose, starting at just $1 to play. Try them all or pick the one that best fits the way you want to play.

3. Pick your numbers

There are 2 ways you can select your daily lottery numbers:

Pick your own

You pick the numbers you want to play. Simply fill in the game board on your selection slip at a participating retailer.

Ask for a Quick Pick

No time for numbers? Ask your participating retailer for a Quick Pick and the lottery terminal’s random number generator will choose your lottery numbers for you.

There’s no secret to selecting winning numbers. Whether you select your own or ask for a Quick Pick, your odds of winning remain the same.

Breaking Down a Selection Slip

When choosing your own lottery numbers, you’ll be required to complete a selection slip. Each daily lottery game has its own slip and features various game options.

The game board

The area where you mark your numbers. How many numbers you choose depends on the game you’re playing.

DAILY KENO: Play anywhere from 2 to 10 numbers.
PICK-2: Play 2 numbers
PICK-3: Play 3 numbers
PICK-4: Play 4 numbers

Bet Box

Select how much you want to bet per draw. This is only available on DAILY KENO.

Straight Play vs. Box Play

  • Available only on PICK-3 and PICK-4 Games.
  • Allows you to choose how you would like to play your numbers.
  • Straight Play: Match your numbers to the winning numbers in the exact order drawn for a chance at a larger prize.
  • Box Play: Match your numbers to the winning numbers in any order drawn. While your odds of winning a prize are increased, jackpots are reduced.

Advance Play box

Choose the number of consecutive draws you want to participate in. Up to 10 draws can be played in advance. For example, if you select 7 in the Advance Play box for the MIDDAY draw, your numbers are valid for that draw, and the next 6 consecutive draws, including the EVENING draws. You can also choose to leave this area blank and only play the next draw.

If you like to play the same numbers each day, this option lets you “set it and forget it” for up to 10 draws.

Encore box

Encore is a bonus game that offers the chance to win $1,000,000 for only $1.

How to play:
  • Ask your lottery retailer to include ENCORE on Quick Picks with your host game. Or,
  • Mark how many ENCORE you want to play (1-10) on your Selection Slip.

Cash prizes are awarded for matching numbers left to right, right to left, or a combination of both. Overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 9.17.

4. How to check your lottery numbers

You can check your ticket any time in the following 3 ways:

  • Use the ticket checker at an OLG retailer. Be sure to sign your ticket first.
  • Download the OLG Lottery App and scan your ticket’s barcode to see if it’s a winner.
  • View the winning numbers by game online at

Daily Lottery Draws

Daily lottery draws take place twice a day. There’s a midday draw shortly after 2pm and an evening draw just after 10:30pm. If you buy your ticket before 2pm, it’s valid for the midday draw. If you buy it after 2pm, it’s valid for the evening draw.

A ticket bought after 10:30pm, is valid for the next day’s midday draw.

Not sure when your ticket numbers will be drawn? Check your ticket. The draw date and time, “MIDDAY” or “EVENING”, will be printed there.

5. Claim your Prize

Prizes vary from winning a large jackpot, up to $2.5 million on a $10 bet, to smaller prizes like a few dollars or winning back the cost of your ticket. All lottery prizes work in the same way where smaller prizes have better odds of being won, and are won more frequently.

  • Lottery players can win from $2 to $2.5 million playing DAILY KENO.
  • Lottery players can win up to $99 playing PICK-2.
  • Jackpot for PICK-3 is based on the total number of tickets sold and is divided among the winners.
  • The total jackpot for PICK-4 depends on the play category selected by the player: Straight Play or Box Play. Players can win up to $5,000.

While increasing your bet can increase your jackpot, you’re also increasing your cost to play. There are no guarantees of winning, so sticking to your budget is the best way to play.

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