benefits of the lottery

The Benefits That Lottery Game
Brings to the Country

Currently, lottery is a game that many people are interested in and participate in. However, not everyone knows the benefits of lottery to society and country. That is why many people always think this is a bad game and do not participate. Here are the sharing of the benefits of lottery to the country if you do not know.

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Some negative thoughts of some people towards the lottery

Referring to the lottery, many people will think of it as a form of illegal gambling without the permission of the state. It is possible that people confuse lotteries and gambling because both are forms of money and rely on luck to receive prizes as cash. You can participate in playing lottery online, instead of playing a traditional lottery game at website, in order to increase information security and receive safety and prestige prizes.

Besides, many people think that playing lottery only takes time and money, not everyone can get lucky and receive no benefits. There are also some players who think that the lottery only costs paper, costs ink, but can not bring a bit of benefit to society and the country.

You should not consider this a gambling game, nor should you consider it a gambling game. To better understand you refer to some information about the benefits of the lottery to be able to feel secure when participating in the game.

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The benefits of lottery to the country’s economy

According to the official information mentioned by the articles, Vietnam currently has 41 lottery companies (excluding Vietlott) and thousands of lottery agents across the country. A fairly large and growing business scale. Whatever kind of business the company has to continue to grow, it must surely be very profitable. Lottery has really brought many benefits to the country, so it is becoming more and more popular and so flourishing.

It does not simply stop at a lottery, but moreover, there are many types of lottery tickets on the market with many different models such as: lottery, lottery, and lottery. system. There are many types but when statistics are out, the traditional lottery is still the most popular form.

Those factors are factors that greatly contribute to the construction of the country’s economy.

As mentioned, there are currently 41 popular lottery companies across the country along with thousands of lottery agents. It is also one of the small contributors to economic growth. However, the official information is highly confidential, so the statistical figures can be estimated as follows:

In the beginning of 2017, the revenue increased to 16,000 billion dong until the end of the year soared to 92,000 billion dong. The tax paid to the state budget is nearly 42,000 billion dong.

Those are also positive signs and changes showing lottery results. So far sales have been constantly increasing and will continue to increase in the future.

Lottery traders and developers also assess that the profits are very high.

Some people will think that it is only beneficial to individual investors, not related to the country’s economy. But it is a wrong idea because the revenue from the exchange of winning numbers, will be invested in the social welfare works in the city, creating a better living environment for the people. Thereby, the public works will also be significantly improved 70% of investment in education-training, health, 30% of social welfare works such as rural transport; building gratitude houses; cultural, sports and tourism constructions.

In addition, these expenses are always strictly controlled to avoid effective losses, and each year will be summed up to meet the targets to be achieved in the year. It can be affirmed: Lottery revenue has brought success to the socio-economic development of the country so it is necessary to provide a broad industry to promote national interests.

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Benefits of lottery for people and agents

Lottery agents when there are many participants will also bring high income and economic stability. Because of such high profits, lottery ticket agents still exist and develop more and more.

Lottery players have a chance to win big prizes from the construction lottery company. The average lottery prize in our country today is from VND 100,000 to VND 2 billion, which is a statistic in 2019 and until now, the actual number has exceeded the target.

When participating in the player, you only need to spend a small amount of money, each ticket is only worth 10,000 VND but if you are lucky, the chance of winning will be very high, can help you realize your dream of changing your life. Additional capital for business investment. There have also been many cases of receiving great prizes when participating in lottery games.

It’s economically and mentally the benefits of the lottery are many. It can help you to have more pleasure, reduce stresses after tired working hours, excited to wait for results.

Not only that, the lottery game also provides jobs for people. Now when you are on the road in big cities, you will see lots of people selling lottery tickets. Among them are unhappy people like lonely, helpless elderly people, orphaned babies from birth, disabled people who are unable to do heavy work. They see lottery tickets as a job to have a piece of rice to eat, to support themselves.

Thus, the lottery game has partly facilitated the life of the unfortunate people who have food to feed themselves.

Thus, it can be affirmed that lottery tickets “benefit the country, benefit the house” that, benefit from water is tax, benefit from winning the house, in addition to creating jobs for workers, for the department. printing, for agents, etc., not only in our country but also in other countries including lottery ticket development is still a business with high profit and great contribution.

Through the information shared above you may have envisioned the benefits of playing the lottery is huge. If you are a smart player and know game limits then it is a game that will bring you many benefits. Hopefully, through this information sharing will help you change negative thoughts about the lottery game, have a more positive view. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky winners of the great prizes in this game.

Lottery game is a game that also people think it is illegal. But it is not so, it was established by the state and brought many practical benefits. Let’s learn about the benefits of lottery.

The Good and Bad of National Lotteries

Lotteries and prize drawings are big businesses throughout the world. They entice significant annual investments from individuals who dream of scooping up a huge and potentially life-changing cash prize. Their proceeds also go to public sectors, including education, park services, and funds for veterans and seniors.

In the United States, the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries have become a key feature of monthly consumer spending. In 2019, the U.S. national lottery generated $91.3 billion in sales. The profits generated by national lotteries are, therefore, understandably huge. With the stakes so high and the chances of winning so low, is participating in the lottery a waste of cash or simply a high-risk investment opportunity that is worth a weekly gamble?

Lotteries in the U.S.

While your chances of winning the lottery anywhere are decidedly slim, the sheer size of the U.S. population and popularity of the game means that American participants must climb an even steeper mountain towards any potential windfall.

Even though this equates to several tickets being purchased per U.S. resident, the odds of each participant winning the Mega Millions jackpot is one in 302.6 million, while the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot is one in 292.2 million. This means that statistically there is a greater likelihood of being struck by lightning or becoming a billionaire than there is of claiming the Mega Millions jackpot. Despite the low probability, Americans still invested more than $91 billion into chasing their fanciful dreams of wealth and fortune. This is reflective of a growing trend, with lottery sales continuing to soar.

By state, New Yorkers have been the lead in lottery spending. In 2019, New York accounted for $10.3 billion in lottery sales. California, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts rounded out the top five for spending. Wyoming and North Dakota tied for the least amount spent.

The Argument Against National Lotteries

An interesting consequence of the Mega Millions jackpot win is that there has been a significant rise in the number of syndicates that are purchasing tickets. This proves that rather than being discouraged by the seemingly insurmountable odds of victory, Americans are instead looking for innovative ways to improve their chances and are actively investing more into buying tickets. Now, while syndicates win an estimated one in three global lotteries, the likelihood of winning remains remote in the extreme, which raises questions about participants and whether they could put their money to better use.

Even for those who win the lottery, their financial future or long-term happiness is not necessarily secured. Acquiring huge sums of money can inspire any number of extreme emotive reactions, and there have been several instances where winning the lottery has triggered a serious decline in the quality of life of individuals and families.

The Benefits of National Lotteries

In 2019, there were seven Mega Millions jackpot winners. In 2020, as of May 12, there has been one winner. The last winner took home $202 million and had bought the ticket from Edison, New Jersey.

In total, the average American spends approximately $223 yearly on the lottery. With the large majority of people spending more as the payout rises, this would suggest that rather than being symbolic of a growing gambling culture in the U.S., national lotteries are a popular news item with their tickets played responsibly and only sporadically by most participants.

Another factor in favor of lotteries is the money that they generate for state-funded projects, with public education, in particular, benefiting from the investment made by participants. With this in mind, people who play the lottery responsibly are contributing to local community development, which means that their annual investment at least creates some form of positive social change. Each state decides differently on how the money raised from lottery tickets is spent.

The Bottom Line

National lotteries across the globe are always likely to be the subject of extreme opinion and controversy. The fact remains, however, that participants have individual accountability to play the game responsibly and spend within their means while pursuing the dream of huge cash prizes. As long as they do so, then there is no reason why they cannot enjoy the lottery while also contributing to state and national funding.

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